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Improve Guest Flow and Member Satisfaction

  • Notify Members With a Flash, Beep or Vibration That Their Table is Ready.
  • Turn Tables Faster and Increase Dining
    Room Revenue.
  • No More Crowded Waiting Areas or Noisy Announcements.
  • Deliver Faster, More Customer-Friendly Service.
  • Anti-Theft Feature Reduces Accidental Theft; Minimizes Pager Loss.
  • Smart-Charging Prevents Overcharging and
    Extends Battery Life.
  • Unique System ID Protects Against Interference From Neighboring Systems.
  • Ask About Affordable Options for Any Budget.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems GuestCall IQ®

HME Wireless' flagship restaurant paging systems feature patent-pending automatic pager renumbering, built-in wait time estimator and advertising insert.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems GuestCall®

Our traditional coaster style guest paging system: Now with digital display for easy renumbering.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems GuestCall LTD®

HME Wireless' entry-level guest paging system: When basic functionality, quality and low cost are your goals.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems Push Button Paging

Easy-to-use with simple self-installation. Completely wireless.

Country Club Restaurant Paging Systems: GuestCall IQ

Restaurant paging systems from HME Wireless help you to deliver customer-friendly service and reduce walk-aways in the country club dining room. GuestCall IQ goes beyond ordinary pagers for restaurant to actually help manage operations more efficiently. The system automatically calculates wait times for you, so members can be apprised more accurately of how long it will take to be seated. In the meantime, armed with one of our easy-to-use café pagers, members are free to wander nearby or sit at the bar and relax. Creates a more positive experience, and helps tables turn faster. And GuestCall IQ's patent-pending system automatically renumbers pagers at the touch of a button, so you can focus on what's really important—keeping members satisfied.


Country Club Restaurant Paging Systems: GuestCall

Eliminate crowded waiting areas around the dining room with GuestCall pagers for restaurant from HME Wireless. These easy-to-use, super compact devices give members the freedom to wait at the bar or take a relaxing walk nearby, knowing they'll be notified the instant their table is ready. Increases profitable beverage sales and creates a calm, inviting atmosphere around your dining area.

Country Club Restaurant Paging Systems: GuestCall LTD

HME Wireless' restaurant beepers and restaurant paging systems let you notify waiting members that their table is ready with a flash, beep or vibration. No more searching for guests or making loud, overhead announcements that distract others and encroach on members' privacy. Helps to seat guests more efficiently, reduce walk-aways and enhance the level of customer-friendly service in your country club dining room.

Push Button Paging

With push button paging from HME Wireless members are empowered to call the server to the table, ask for the check or request a manager... all at the push of a button.

Tee Time Paging

Café pagers and restaurant beepers can also be used outside the dining area to notify members when their tee time is ready. Keeps things moving quickly out on the course.