Country Club Staff Paging Systems

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HME Wireless Staff Paging Systems

Drive-Thru headset repair 2-Way Radios

Country club 2-way radios: improved staff communication means enhanced productivity and service.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems ServerCall®

Country club server paging systems to manage wait staff, cook staff and communicate with management.

Country Club 2-Way Radios

Two-way radios from HME Wireless allow staff members from every area of the club to communicate instantly and work together effectively, at the touch of a button. Whether they're out on the course, at the pro shop, or in the kitchen or dining room, staff members are empowered to address issues and member requests the moment they arise. Ensures customer-friendly service and improved member satisfaction.

The XL Series' six-channel capability offers greater flexibility for the club's restaurant managers to segment conversations between host-busboys, manager-cooks or manager-staff—avoiding confusion and promoting efficiency.

Assisting customers, solving problems and organizing employees are all easier when you connect your country club staff with easy-to-use, 2-way radios from HME Wireless.

Country Club Server Paging Systems

ServerCall® empowers your club's kitchen staff to notify servers the instant food is ready to be picked up. Easy-to-use and carry, these super compact devices free up wait staff to spend more quality time with members and increase sales.

Country Club Server Paging Systems to Manage Cook Staff

HME Wireless restaurant paging systems like ServerCall put club cooks in constant communication with servers. Ensures that food goes out fast, hot and fresh; helps wait staff deliver more efficient, customer-friendly service.

Country Club Server Paging Systems to Communicate with Management

Country club restaurant paging from HME Wireless empowers management to stay in constant communication with servers and cook staff. Members are served more efficiently, and problems can be addressed quickly and discreetly.