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The NASCAR Racing Experience Keeps Customers Moving with HME Wireless Pagers

The NASCAR Racing Experience is the thrill of a lifetime. In actual cars from the NASCAR circuit, patrons are invited to ride along or drive solo for 5-8 minutes around the oval NASCAR racetrack, reaching speeds of up to 170 mph. You can bet those drivers aren't inclined to wait around very long to get on that racetrack, and HME wireless pagers ensure they don't have to.

"The NASCAR Racing Experience is unique in the sense that it is the most realistic racecar driving you can experience," explained Heather Lutz, VP of Sales and Marketing. With customers arriving in the hundreds and even thousands on a given day — impatient and excited for the experience — managing their wait is a top priority for NRE staff, and HME wireless pagers are their chosen solution.

Before NRE adopted HME's wireless paging system, customers used to wait to hear their name on the overhead pager, but that had predictable complications. People wouldn't hear the announcement clearly or would be in the restroom and miss it. Now, customers receive an HME wireless pager on a lanyard right when they check in.

"Being the official guest paging sponsor for the NASCAR Racing Experience is a huge thrill for all of us at HME Wireless," stated Russ Ford, Vice President. "We are very proud to have so many choices in onsite paging that we earned the right to partner with one of the most well known brands in existence and one of the most exciting 'experienced-based' programs around."

Sitting behind the wheel where professionals like Jimmy Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Michael Waltrip sat is a one-of-a-kind experience, and customers arrive eager to hit the track. "The pagers really help streamline everything," confirmed Lutz. NRE uses wireless pagers for their ride-a-longs as well. According to Lutz, "After check-in and receiving a pager, customers will get paged 6-10 at a time, making the system more efficient." Race staff can process customers more quickly and get them on and off the road faster, decreasing the downtime for the many others eagerly waiting in the pit.

"It's really easy for the customer," reported Lutz, and the wireless paging system helps the staff as well. As cars come off the track, employees match that vehicle's height and weight requirements with the waiting customers and immediately call the next in line. With their wireless pager in hand, there is no confusion for the patrons — they know when it is their turn to race and always get the message. By the time the car is ready for its next ride, so is its driver.

Heather Lutz didn't make the decision to go with HME Wireless lightly. She compared competitors and made many phone calls. After much research, she concluded "HME was best company to go with." Now Lutz notes that customers are "absolutely happier and there is a lot less confusion on pit road." She reports that the HME Wireless paging system is the simplest, most straight-forward system for staff and the consumer. Customers know they aren't forgotten and staff can get them where they want to be — out on the track.

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