HME Wireless Dental Paging Systems

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Better Communication Promotes Better Dental Care

HME Wireless Nurse or Doctor Paging

Staff paging promotes quiet, private communication among dentist office staff members, while increasing efficiency throughout the office. Hygienists can communicate with administrative staff to keep patients moving smoothly, and a discreet, silent page notifies the dentist as soon as he or she is needed.

Better Communication Promotes Better Dental Care for Families and Patients

HME Wireless' dental paging systems promote better communication between staff and patients to create a comforting environment that encourages privacy and efficiency. With QuietCall® and QuietCall IQ® pagers, patients can sit and relax, or wander close by, and not worry about missing their appointment or having their name called out loudly over a distracting overhead speaker. Reduces congestion and confusion in your waiting areas. And with QuietCall's unique 'out-of-range alert' and 'locate' features, you'll reduce accidental theft and easily locate missing pagers with the push of a button.

Staff paging creates a seamless environment where dentists, hygienists and administrative staff are in constant communication. Cuts down on wait times and increases patient satisfaction.

HME Wireless offers a wide selection of innovative, reliable pagers to mix and match within your system. Choose from rechargeable pager models of various shapes, sizes and functions, such as alpha pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, CrystalCall® pagers, and more.

HME Wireless products offer superior value and performance. Our dental paging systems are made from durable, high quality parts for maximum reliability. And our technical support team is always here to help, whenever you need it.