HME Wireless Healthcare Paging Systems

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Physicians' Office Paging Solutions

HME Wireless Patient and Family Paging PATIENT/FAMILY PAGING

HME Wireless' patient and family paging systems encourage patients to sit and relax while they wait for admission, procedures or consultations. Reduces stress, noise and protects privacy.

Family members are free to wait in comfortable waiting rooms, shop at the gift shop or have coffee while waiting for loved ones. Increases revenue potential too.

QuietCall IQ Pagers

QuietCall Pagers

SmartCall Pagers

HME Wireless Nurse or Doctor Paging STAFF PAGING

Page nurses and doctors and increase efficiency by reducing noise, allowing staff to quietly communicate with each other while caring for patients, and protecting their privacy.

Take advantage of better staff communication for increased service to patients. If patients have additional questions after a doctor leaves the floor, staff can easily notify them to return.

SmartCall Pagers

PushButton Pagers

Better Communication Promotes Better Healthcare for Patients and Families

Often times, visiting a medical office or healthcare facility can be stressful for patients and family members. HME Wireless physicians' office paging solutions allow you to communicate effectively while creating the most comforting environment possible. With HME's QuietCall® and QuietCall IQ® medical paging systems, you can have quiet, confidential communications between patients, families and staff without the distraction of overhead systems. Our medical pagers for physicians' offices are compact and convenient, and give patients and family members the peace of mind of knowing they can be in contact with staff members instantly, and discreetly. Our healthcare paging systems also work to reduce congestion at the admissions area and other parts of your facility.

HME Wireless' medical paging system also helps to increase revenue at your facility. The durable, convenient pagers free people up to visit the gift shop, the cafeteria or to just step outside for fresh air. And with QuietCall's unique 'out-of-range alert' and 'locate' features, you'll reduce accidental theft and easily locate missing pagers with the push of a button.

HME Wireless offers a diverse selection of the industry's most innovative, reliable hospital pagers to mix and match within your system. Choose from an assortment of rechargeable pager models of various shapes, sizes and functions, such as alpha pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, CrystalCall pagers, and more.

Superior value and performance are the cornerstones of HME Wireless' products. That's why our healthcare pagers are made from durable, high quality products for maximum reliability. And our technical support team is always available to help get the most out of your medical office.