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  • 100% Percent Guarantee
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Enhance Your Existing Medical Paging System

If you're already using HME Wireless pagers, SmartCall SMS is a simple and convenient add-on that gives you and patients newfound flexibility. Give waiting patients the choice of being contacted with via text message with a hospital pager or on their own mobile phone. It integrates easily with your existing system, without the expense of additional pagers.

SmartCall SMS also makes it easy to generate electronic wait lists and manage the flow of patients in and out of your facility. Just log on and create a list whenever it works best for you. No more crowded or congested waiting areas. Patients are free to roam, even off-premises, knowing they will never be out of range of a text message.

Alert Waiting Patients & Family Via Cell/Smart Phone or Pager

The SmartCall SMS is an integrated patient & family paging system that works with any HME Wireless SmartCall pager or consumer mobile phone. Now you can offer your patients the choice of being contacted by text message or a pager - no other wait management system does that. And your staff can do it from virtually any computer operating system. All you need is Internet access.

SmartCall SMS Highlights

  • Easy and Affordable
  • Simple Integration
    for Existing Patients/Family
  • Pay As You Go
  • Flexible
  • Manage wait lists easily
  • Reach Waiting Patients/Family Anywhere
  • Increase Patient and Guest Satisfaction