SmartCall Paging

  • 100% Percent Guarantee
  • 100% Percent Guarantee
  • 100% Percent Guarantee
  • Health Patient SmartCall SMS

SmartCall Patient/Family Paging Highlights

  • Quiet and Confidential
  • Descriptive Text Messaging
  • HIPAA-Friendly Communication
  • Simple Self-Installation
  • Completely Wireless

Discreet Hospital Paging for Enhanced Patient Experience

Patient paging from HME Wireless facilitates quiet, confidential communication between staff, patients and families, and enhances the overall atmosphere of your facility. Our compact patient pagers eliminate the need for loud overhead systems, and allow patients to relax while waiting for admissions, procedures or consultations.

With descriptive text messaging, these convenient hospital pagers give family members the freedom to roam, knowing they can be reached instantly with specific instructions. Increases revenue potential in your gift shop and cafeteria areas as well.