Medical Paging Systems: SmartCall

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SmartCall Staff Paging

SmartCall SMS SmartCall   SMS

SmartCall SMS allows staff to communicate via text message on virtually any consumer cell phone or smart phone. Makes interdepartmental communication simple and budget-friendly.

SmartCall Integrated SmartCall   Integrated

Use SmartCall SMS as a convenient add-on to your existing pager system. Give staff the option of being contacted via text message with a hospital pager or on their own mobile phone.

SmartCall Paging SmartCall   Paging

Text messaging keeps communication clear, quick and concise; eliminates guesswork and increases efficiency.

SmartCall SMS' integrated system gives you the option of having staff contacted with a text message via pager, or on their very own cell phones or smart phones. If your hospital doesn't have pagers, simply use the text option. And if you decide to add pagers later on, it's a simple integration with the added benefit of giving staff a choice that they're comfortable with.

Because SmartCall SMS is web-based, administrators don't need to invest in expensive hardware or software. Users can also say goodbye to lengthy training.