QuietCall Messenger Pharmacy Paging

  • Pharmacy Guest Pager
  • 100% Percent Guarantee
  • Health Patient SmartCall SMS
Happy Customers Mean Healthy Profits

Good Customer Care is Good for Business

A satisfied customer is a return customer. And with QuietCall Messenger, you can deliver a better pharmacy experience by better managing your customers' expectations. That's because a QuietCall Messenger pharmacy pager alerts waiting customers with a specific message, either that their prescription is ready, or to return to the pharmacy for a question. Other systems can disappoint customers, thinking their prescription is filled just because the pager vibrated. QuietCall Messenger cuts down on delays too, enabling you to quickly contact customers with questions.

HME Wireless' pharmacy paging solutions eliminate congestion while freeing up customers to shop – and that increases sales. And with pharmacy staff paging from HME, you can dramatically improve staff communication and efficiency.

    QuietCall Messenger Highlights
  • Concise, Specific Messaging
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Industry-Leading Reliability
  • User-Replaceable
    Rechargeable Batteries
  • Cost-Saving Charging
  • HIPAA-Friendly Communication
  • Promotional Messaging
  • Pagers with 1 to 4 Messages Available