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Restaurant Guest Paging Systems GUEST PAGING

Let customers know their tables are ready without disturbing other guests. Turn tables faster, boost beverage sales and deliver better customer service with a guest paging system.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems SERVER PAGING

Waiters are instantly notified when the food is ready while it's still hot. Keeps staff in constant communication for better quality food and customer experience with a server paging system.

Vuze for Fast Casual Diners Vuze™ for Fast Casual Diners

Hand customers a guest tag and Vuze does the rest — notifying staff exactly where to deliver each order.

Vuze for Fast Casual Diners Restaurant Paging App Suite

Streamline your restaurant with the Restaurant Paging App Suite. Includes four apps created for effective customer and server paging and table management: GuestCall, Push Button, ServerCall, and TableScout. Download the whole suite or only the apps you need.

Other Restaurant Communication Tools
2 Way Radios 2-Way Radios

Super-compact and lightweight, two-way radios improve restaurant staff communication for increased productivity and better customer service.

GuestCall for Fast Casual Diners GuestCall® for Fast Casual Diners

GuestCall guest paging systems notify customers their food is ready with a discreet page. Reduces congestion and lowers labor cost.

Table Status Alert Table Status Alert

Update your table management system software from the dining room for faster table turns, smoother service and decreased staffing.

Push Button Paging Push Button Paging

Convenient server
paging system empowers guests to
call the server to the table, ask for their check or request a manager.

Restaurant Paging Systems: An Essential Ingredient
for Restaurant Success 

Are long lines driving guests away from your restaurant? Want the tools to run a more profitable and efficient business? If so, it's time for an HME Wireless' restaurant paging system. Our innovative and comprehensive line of wireless restaurant pagers provide fast and lasting solutions to some of the most common challenges facing restaurateurs.

Our restaurant pagers are designed to address an important segment of operations, such as the guest paging seating system like GuestCall or the back-of-the house server paging system like ServerCall. Some systems also integrate with table management solutions like Aloha® Guest Manager, ConnectSmart® Hostess by QSR Automations®, ESP ProHost, GuestBridge, OpenTable®, ReServe® Interactive, and Smart Touch Technology® to provide additional tools to manage your restaurant successfully. That includes HME Wireless' TableScout hand-held transmitter, which staff members can use to update table status from the dining room.

Staff and Guest Paging Systems Improve Communication

HME Wireless' restaurant paging systems provide faster, quieter and more effective restaurant pagers than our competitors. Our high-quality restaurant pagers and extensive pager models available for each paging system allow you to choose the form of communication you'd like to participate in. As a result, HME Wireless' restaurant pagers can help your staff work more efficiently and serve guests effectively.

Faster Table Turns are Great for Business
On a big wait, it's crucial to turn tables quickly to prevent walk-aways. HME Wireless' restaurant pagers are designed to help your staff communicate and work more productively to turn tables faster and serve more guests than before.

Better Service Means Higher Profits
Happy guests translate to returning customers. In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in HME Wireless' restaurant pager systems to improve the quality and speed of service. Plus, you can use HME Wireless' restaurant pagers to promote menu specials and further boost the bottom line.