Restaurant 2-Way Radios

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HME XL Series 2-Way Radios

HME XL Series

HME XL Series 2-Way Radios offer more channels, more power, more features, and less interference for about half the cost of comparable two-way radios. Proven HME Wireless performance at the push of a button.

Motorola CLS 2-Way Radios

Motorola CLS

Improve staff communication with the most popular brand of restaurant 2-way radios on the market. Motorola CLS 2-Way Radios help your staff to work more cohesively and efficiently than ever before.

Restaurant 2-Way Radios: Improve Staff Communication for
Enhanced Productivity and Customer Service

Two-way radios empower restaurant staff members to communicate instantly, and work together more cohesively, at the touch of a button. Customer issues can be addressed and resolved more quickly for improved service and satisfaction.

XL Series' six-channel capability offers greater flexibility for managers to segment conversations between host-busser, manager-cooks, manager-staff — you decide. Assisting customers, solving problems and organizing employees are all easier when you connect your business with restaurant 2-way radios from HME Wireless.