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GuestCall for Fast Casual Restaurant Paging

Reduce Noise and Congestion, Increase Sales

Reduce the congestion at the counter and improve your guests' experience with GuestCall paging system. Give guests a pager while you complete their order so they can fill their drink, find a table, sit, and relax. When their order is ready, page the guest to pick-up their food. No more mispronounced names, blaring overhead speaker systems or chaos at your counter.

GuestCall helps you be more profitable by reducing labor costs, eliminating the need for food runners and increasing sales by providing a relaxing, inviting environment to bring friends and coworkers.

GuestCall Highlights
  • Customer-Friendly Paging
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Most Reliable Pagers
  • User-Replaceable Batteries
  • Smart Charging
  • Unique System ID
  • Flexible Integration