Boost Customer Service and the Bottom Line

Count on HME Wireless for reliable paging systems that help retailers like you operate more efficiently and profitably.
Our industry-leading systems enhance communication, promote sales opportunities and increase staff productivity so you can serve your customers better and boost the bottom line.

Transform Your Retail Customer's Shopping Experience

Keeping customers happy and shopping is the key to enhancing profits in these tough economic times. Our retail pager turn waiting customers into buying customers, allowing them to shop freely and be notified as soon as their order is ready or their service is complete. And with fewer customers "hanging around" the cash register, you're able to better manage traffic flow and offer a more inviting atmosphere at the front of the store.

The system also allows you to discreetly page staff when a customer needs assistance. And staff members on the floor can "call" for assistance from management when they need it, without leaving a customer's side.

Choose from Diverse Pager Models

HME Wireless offers a diverse selection of the industry's most innovative, reliable pagers to mix and match within your retail paging system.

Our innovative retail products include Push Button Paging that literally puts the shopping experience into your customers' hands. Give them a pager and assistance is the push of a button away. It's shopping on their terms and it makes for more satisfied customers. At the same time, staff is kept more productive and labor costs are reduced.

Our QuietCall® retail paging also allows you to continually update customers with text messages on the status of their service. We also offer lightweight, compact 2-way radios that allow staff to communicate instantly and work together better.

Need Help Finding the Best Retail Paging Solution for You?