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HME Wireless Staff Paging Systems

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems Push Button Paging

Featuring quick, simple self-installation. Easy to use and completely wireless.

Drive-Thru headset repair 2-Way Radios

Super-compact and lightweight, two-way radios improve retail staff communication for increased productivity and better customer service.

Retail Staff Paging Systems

HME Wireless' retail staff paging systems offer an easy, effective way to improve communication between employees and deliver a higher level of customer service. Our Push Button Paging solution helps staff to deliver more attentive service, knowing they never have to leave their station or a customer's side to call a manager — it happens quickly and discreetly. Compact, lightweight 2-Way Radios allow for specific communication, with the benefit of extended range.

A Better Customer Experience

Retail paging solutions from HME Wireless help staff to do their jobs more efficiently, and effectively. That means a better experience for customers, who are more likely to buy, and make return visits. Count on our on-site onsite paging systems to improve staff communication, customer service and store profitability.