HME Wireless XL Series 2-Way Radios

  • Free One-Year Warranty
  • Restaurant 2-Way Radios

Twice the Value, Half the Cost

Improve Staff Communication for Enhanced Productivity and Better Customer Service

XL Series 2-way radios from HME Wireless offers more channels, more power, more features and less interference for about half the cost of other 6 channel/2 watt radios. Boasting two watts of power (twice that of the competition), these super compact devices allow staff to communicate instantly, no matter where they are in the facility. Customer issues can be addressed more quickly, and work performed more efficiently – thanks to the powerful XL Series from HME Wireless.

XL Series' unique six-channel capability offers greater flexibility for managers too. Segment conversations between managers and staff – you decide. And with the XL Series' unique VOX capability, conversations can be opened automatically without pushing buttons, for easy hands-free communication.

The perfect solution when you want to enhance customer service through improved staff communication.

XL Series 2-Way Radio Highlights
  • Two watts for long range; six channels for greater flexibility
  • Full two-year warranty on all parts (one year on accessories)
  • Mil-spec shock and vibration – extremely durable
  • Compatible with Motorola CLS and other radio brands
  • VOX and SCAN Capable – open conversations without pushing buttons and get the least congested channel possible for clearer communication