SmartCall Spa Paging

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  • Pharmacy Guest Pager
  • 100% Percent Guarantee
  • Health Patient SmartCall SMS
SmartCall Staff Paging Systems

Smoother Spa Service, Increase Sales

Smoother Spa Service, Increase Sales

  • Compact, Convenient Spa Pagers
  • Descriptive Text Messaging
  • Improves Staff Communication
  • Improves Efficiency/Customer Care
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Simple Self-Installation
  • Completely Wireless Staff Paging

Staff Paging Improves Communication & Efficiency

HME Wireless' spa staff paging systems improve overall communication within your facility. With instant, descriptive text messaging — via compact spa staff pagers — key personnel are reached quickly and with just the right message, to improve response times and efficiency. No more searching for staff members when appointments arrive or issues arise. Just use the staff pager to notify the person in need. Wireless paging improves the employee experience and maintains a calm, reassuring atmosphere within your spa.

Compact Pagers Enhance Customer Service & Experience

Spa paging from HME Wireless is dynamic, instant communication. With staff pagers, you're empowered to respond quickly to customer concerns as they arise, and keep guests happy. Best of all, enhanced communication and coordination between staff means better overall care for customers. Keep them coming back for more with the power of staff paging from HME Wireless.