HME Wireless Veterinary Paging Systems

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Better Communication Promotes Better Veterinarian Care

HME Wireless Patient and Family Paging VETERINARY PAGING

A veterinarian's office waiting area can be a noisy, stressful place for pets, owners and "family members". A family paging system from HME Wireless gives owners the freedom to walk outside with their pet, while eliminating the need for distracting overhead systems or calling people by name.

HME Wireless Nurse or Doctor Paging STAFF PAGING

Staff paging for veterinarian's offices helps to improve communication between administrative and medical staff, protect "patient" privacy, and increase operational efficiency. With instant, discrete communication between staff members, waiting pets are moved through the facility more quickly.

Better Communication Promotes Better Veterinarian Care for Families
and Their Pets

HME Wireless' veterinarian office paging systems promote better communication between staff and pet owners, and foster an environment that's calm and relaxing for everyone involved—including furry friends. Our QuietCall® and QuietCall IQ® pagers give owners and family members the freedom to take pets outside, away from the potential anxiety of busy waiting rooms. Waiting rooms are quieter too, without the need for noisy overhead speakers or staff members calling loudly for owners to bring their pets in.

Staff paging encourages instant communication between medical and administrative staff, so that new "patients" can be moved from the waiting room and into examining rooms as soon as the vet is done. Wait times for owners and pets decrease, while customer satisfaction increases.

HME Wireless offers a wide selection of innovative, reliable pagers to mix and match within your system. Choose from rechargeable pager models of various shapes, sizes and functions, such as alpha pagers, numeric pagers, coaster pagers, CrystalCall® pagers, and more. QuietCall's unique 'out-of-range alert' and 'locate' features help to reduce accidental theft; and missing pagers are easily located with the push of a button.

HME Wireless products offer superior value and performance. Our veterinarian office paging systems are made from durable, high quality parts for maximum reliability. And our technical support team is always here to help, whenever you need it.